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From my Kindle Fire

Ok this is just a test to see if the post goes in. I'm trying to find another way to get on LJ without using my l laptop until I can give Sean his own laptop for his birthday next month because he keeps taking mine. Next I'm going to see if I can read my list and leave comments.

hi - everything working OK now?

Thanks to all the problems with LJ lately I am behind on reading all your posts. If you've been able to make any.) I'll be catching up with everyone soon. There are lots of stories and things I want to read. :)

Off to work soon and hope everyone has a good day! :)


original fic

Title: From The Ruins: Chapter Twenty-six: Only Once in a Lifetime
Characters: Chase-lee, Amaranto, Havard, Gastan, Teo, Tall Men
Rating: R

The unconscious tall men lay on the ground under a tree where Havard and the others had dragged them en masse. Havard looked down at them, a frown on his face.

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real life brief catch-up

Have just finished working two double-shift days because we are on skeleton staff at the office and it fell to me to be there since I was the only one not taking any extra time off during the holidays. To add to all the extra work three bad things happened at the same time. Don't these things all happen in threes?

1. Our heating system broke down (at work, not at home). Our digs run in a north-south direction, with two heating units, one controlling the west side, the other the east. The east side was the one that shut down completely, and is also the one we work in! (The washrooms and storerooms are on the other side--it figures--but at least our butts were warm when we had to use the washroom, which was often because of the cold). On Thursday we almost died from frostbite. Kept having to run to the washroom to run our hands under the hot water to thaw them out as well as numerous trips to the coffee shop downstairs to fill ourselves with as many hot beverages as possible. Then the physiotherapist lent us some heating pads to put on our chairs to warm us when we were sitting down. That felt like heaven although my butt almost got burnt when I turned the heating pad up too high. On Friday the repair man came and put in a new 'ignition board' which fixed the problem.

2. Our telephone system broke down. Anyone calling could not leave messages, because the system kept saying the mailbox was full when it wasn't. We could answer only one call at a time (which actually made it easier in some ways). The phone repair guy got it fixed yesterday afternoon (just like the heating guy) but then the calls just started to pour in like mad and drove us crazy.

3. I broke my 'new' (it was actually used but new to me) laptop which we had bought to replace the desktop that I had broken back in the summer (I think--it could have been spring). Never having done music downloads before in my life, I got Jamie to show me how so I could download some tunes to Sean's new iPod for him. I guess there was a virus attached to one of the songs. I don't know much about these things, to tell the truth. My husband is terribly annoyed with me. Can't say I blame him as I really should have known better.

Anyway, on a more pleasant note, it has snowed here! Finally quite a bit of snow of the long-lasting variety, which is rather nice for a change. I'm supposed to be going to see 'The Hobbit' today with my sister and Olivia, but we are also supposed to be in for a snowstorm, so it remains to be seen if the outing will be cancelled or not. We may have to put it off another week or so.

And I've been immersing myself in watching 'Downton Abbey' which I received as a Christmas gift. From myself. The first two seasons. It's quite wonderful. I'm really enjoying it, so if I don't get to see 'The Hobbit' today I'll continue to watch the TV series. And read. I've got many books to get through. Those I received as gifts last year as well as the three I got this year. :)

I may not be able to spend as much time as usual on the comp. I'm currently using the tiny laptop I got for Christmas two years ago for use when traveling. It's fine except I cannot use it for large downloads or graphics. But I can use it for writing (thank goodness) and I have a fair bit of catching up to do there as well, after my exhaustion wears off. :)

Happy New Year to everyone! I've got to pull another double shift on Monday (New Year's Eve) so I probably won't be around very much until everything gets back to normal.


beautiful words

A friend and I were discussing writing and the use of beautiful words. Not in the sense of what they mean but how they sound, how they roll off the tongue and perhaps invoke some feeling that goes beyond their meaning. We were talking about the English language specifically. She mentioned a quote from JRR Tolkien in which he had stated that the word 'cellar door' (which is actually two words) was the most beautiful word in the English language. My first reaction was "Huh?"

LJ problem

Recently I've had a problem with comments showing up on ONE old post I made to one of my neglected comms almost a year ago. It seems that every day for the past few weeks I've been receiving some really strange comments, some in foreign languages and some clearly advertising different things. I thought it very odd that they would ALL be on the one post. I'd get the usual messages in my e-mail inbox showing 'Livejournal Comment' and only ONE of them was a legitimate and very nice comment. I've had no choice but to delete the post entirely. That was a shame because it was full of nice pictures and things, but I just cannot stand getting any more of these weird comments in my inbox. When I went to the post to check it out, LJ had marked 4 regular comments and 82 'suspicious' comments but didn't do anything about it--I guess there isn't much they can do--and so I felt I had no choice but to delete the whole post.

This kind of stuff makes me feel bad, but I suppose it's rather normal for the internet. I'm going to friends-lock all my posts from now on, though. :(

meme - the proust questionnaire

This was taken from arancione.

Name? Jennifer or Jenni for short.
What is your idea of perfect happiness? Being able to do what I want whenever I want.
What is your greatest fear? Not being able to be alone.
Which historical figure do you most identify with? When I was a child of about ten I read a story about Emmeline Pankhurst, who was a pioneer who worked to get women the vote. Her slogan was 'Deeds not words.' I've always admired her and always wanted to be like her. I always try to speak my mind.

I don't know when I've been more excited. My favourite National Team, Colombia, was magnificent yesterday in defeating the Uruguayan team, who is one of the best in the world, by a score of 4-0.

Here are some beautiful photos from the match.


Goalscorer Teofilo Gutierrez hugs playmaker James Rodriguez.

original fic

Title: FROM THE RUINS: Chapter Eight: Immortalia

Characters: Aramel, Havard, Geo, Teo

Rating: R

my birthday yesterday

While I never look forward to another birthday anymore, yesterday my family showed me a wonderful time at my husband's golf club. First we took some carts around the practice areas on the course, then we went inside the dining room for dinner.

Here are photos: